Christine Fuchs, LMHC
Counseling & Psychotherapy for Women:
Survivors of Trauma and Abuse


You may have found your way to this website because you are looking for answers. You may be wondering why you feel this way and be desperately searching for ways to feel better.  You may be tired of waking up every single day feeling the way you do.   Whatever it is that brought you here, I am glad that it did.

I have dedicated my practice to helping women who are struggling with depression and anxiety and who are suffering from the debilitating effects of trauma and abuse.  I am dedicated to helping you navigate through the pain and the darkness that others too often shy away from.  I am here to help you heal, take back control of your life, and get the life that you have always wanted.

My clients come to me because they have struggled with depression, anxiety, and fear for as long as they can remember. They struggle with low self-esteem, doubt themselves, and often feel like they are worthless and a burden to others. They have struggled with feeling numb and empty, self-judgment, isolation, and loneliness. They find themselves stuck in self-destructive patterns that they cannot get out of.  They have been consistently mistreated and have experienced things that most people can't even imagine.

My clients leave treatment with me feeling a deeper sense of connection with themselves and within their relationships. They learn how to take down their walls and trust others while still feeling safe.   They learn how to regulate their emotions and understand themselves in ways no one has ever taught them before. They are able to make sense of their choices and how they ended up where they are today.  They feel good about themselves and feel empowered.  They leave with specific tools that reshape how their brain works and how they view themselves and the world. 
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Choosing the “right” therapist can be confusing and difficult. Many people pick a random name off a list that they get from their insurance company or find the name of a therapist online, wondering if this person can really help them.  I know that making the decision to go therapy is not an easy one which is why I want to make sure that I am the right fit for you.  I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation prior to beginning treatment to discuss your history and goals for treatment.  I want to make sure that this financial and emotional investment will help you to make meaningful and lasting changes in your life.